St. Michael’s Primary School, Tallangatta

Courage, Compassion, Community

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On behalf of the St. Michael's Primary School we welcome you to our website. St. Michael's Primary School is a very proud country school set within the picturesque township of Tallangatta.

St. Michael's is a Catholic Primary School that services Tallangatta and district. We have classes from Foundation to Grade Six that utilise large modern classrooms all fittedwith modern furniture to suit a range of learners. Students across the school have the ability to access 1-1 technology in the form of iPads. The school has a 21st century library, resource/meeting room, spacious multipurpose room with cooking facilities and a florishing Garden. The School is located on five acres which include tennis courts, football oval, playground, sandpit and cubby house.

At St. Michael's, we have a focus on learning. Teachers are driven by up to date teaching and learning strategies, using data to inform teaching practice. Core learning comes first for us, with a strong philosophy within the teaching staff to ensure literacy and numeracy are completed within the beginning of the day. Our specialist classes include Indonesian, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program and The Arts. We are also fortunate enough to utlise the expertise of Border Sports for our Sport Program.

Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support is core to our philosophy in regards to student behaviour. At St. Michael's, we believe in teaching the students how to behaviour, rather than expecting them to just know what to do in a school environment. We have three school wide expectations: Be Safe, Be a Learner, Be Reponsible. These expectations underpin our teaching and learning in regards to behaviour.

St. Michael's Primary School is committed to the creation of a safe, just and respectful environment. To see more about our committment to Child Safety, check the link in our Downloads page.

Appointments can be made at any time for a school tour or for further information. If you would like to know more, please don't hesiate to contact our office. 

Warm regards,
Mrs. Cassie Lynch