St. Michael’s Primary School, Tallangatta

Courage, Compassion, Community

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Source of Life is the key Religious Education Curriculum Framework for the Sandhurst Diocese.

"I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly" Jn 10:10

The Source of Life Religious Education Curriculum is structured around seven organising strands in the primary school and eight organizing strands in the secondary school. These run through the six levels of schooling across Years Prep-Twelve. In June 2005 Bishop Joseph Grech promulgated the Religious Education Curriculum and all Sandhurst Schools and Parishes were presented with the Source of Life Core Document. In attending to the religious dimension of Catholic schooling, the most fundamental partnerships are those with Parents/Guardians and with the local Catholic faith communities. The School is part of the wider Church community. Catholic Identity is manifest both explicitly and implicitly within both the formal and informal curriculum and life of the community of the Catholic School.

The Catholic School's core purpose is unashamedly religious. Through the total cultural experience it offers, it shares in the Church's work of evangelisation, it provides those elements of catechesis that are appropriate to individual students, and it teaches Catholic beliefs and practices in a systematic fashion in programs of classroom-based Religious Education. (Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Sandhurst 2005).

To find out more please click the link to the Catholic Education Sandhurst.



 All classrooms implement their literacy and numeracy learning in the first three hours of our school day. Our timetable supports this philosophy of core learning first, ensuring that students are receiving two hours of literacy and one hour of numeracy each day. Using the best possible tecnhiques, teachers continually track student progress and as a staff, we unpack our student data on a regular basis.


St. Michael's students participate in a specialised program designed by Border Sports. The aim of Border Sports is to upskill teachers to know the content and techniques in order to teacher Physical Education to the best of their abilities.


All classrooms utilise the Inquiry Learning process within the classroom. Inquiry Learning has been developed by Kath Murdoch and involves all students working on the same 'throughline'. From this 'throughline', 'key understandings' are developed for students at each level based on their level of prior knowledge and on their areas of interest or need. Teachers assist the students through the phases of: 'tuning in'; 'finding out'; 'sorting out'; 'going further'; synthesis, reflection and action'. Inquiry Learning also includes experiences that enable the teacher to gather data on assessment for learning and assessment of learning.


St. Michael's Primary School is committed to sustainability, through both actions and education. As well as having the students involved in both practical and theory based sustainability lessons, the School has heavily invested in resources and facilities that will support a sustainable future.

These investments include:
- Water tanks;
- Chook shed;
- Vegetable garden;
- Solar panels;
- Energy saving globes;
- Mulching;
- Energy efficient design of new buildings.


Each week the students are involved in lessons involving The Arts. Where feasible, the School also accesses travelling performances or performers and 'Artist in Residence' opportunities through the Sandhurst Catholic Education Office.


Each week the students are involved in lessons involving cultural immersion and learning French.