St. Michael’s Primary School, Tallangatta

Courage, Compassion, Community

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pdf Additional Enrolment Document/Forms Popular

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FORM 6(b) - Additional Enrolment Documentation (300421).pdf

pdf Application for Enrolment Popular

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FORM 4 - Application for Enrolment (300421).pdf

pdf CES Ltd Student Behaviour Framework (280721) Popular

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CES Ltd - Student Behaviour Framework (280721).pdf

pdf CES Ltd Child Safety FRAMEWORK (280721) Popular

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CES Ltd - Child Safety FRAMEWORK (280721).pdf

pdf Enrolment Agreement Popular

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FORM 6 - Enrolment Agreement (300421).pdf

pdf Offer of Enrolment: Request for Information Form Popular

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FORM 5 - Offer of Enrolment - Request for Information Form (300421).pdf

pdf School Standard Collection Notice (310521) Popular

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Sample School Standard Collection Notice (310521).pdf

pdf Shared Behaviour Expectations Popular

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FORM 10 - Shared Behaviour Expectations - Code of Conduct (300421).pdf