St. Michael’s Primary School, Tallangatta

Courage, Compassion, Community

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St. Michael's Primary School has a history going back over 50 years. The school was opened in February 1958, not long after the township of Tallangatta was moved to accommodate the building of the Hume Weir.

The school was constructed at the same time as a new Church and Convent. The building of a Catholic school was the initiative of Fr. George Sait, who invited the Sisters of St. Joseph to staff the school.

The first enrolment was 71 students in Years Prep to Form 2 (Year 8). The school was staffed by two Sisters of St. Joseph and a third Sister who was the cook and conducted music lessons from the convent. The Principal was Sr. Malachi O'Dowd. The school also had boarders from Corryong who boarded at the convent mid-week. The School was run by the Sisters of St. Joseph for many years until the appointment of the first lay Principal, Mr. Paul Haddrick, in 1981.

The school now has students in Grades Prep to Grade Six. The student population of St. Michael's has fluctuated over the years, in line with the districts ever changing demographic. In recent years enrolment has been as low as 26 students in 1985, with a peak of 64 students in 2006.

The original school buildings still remain as the main classrooms, with the addition of a foyer, administration office, staffroom and library in 1992. An original Parish meeting room was upgraded for use as the schools Multipurpose Room in 2007. A Contemporary Library was a welcome addition to the school in 2010 as part of the Federal Government- Building the Education Revolution, through this project the student amenities were also replaced and upgraded.

The school is built on the St. Michael's Parish grounds and includes a football oval, an adjacent paddock that is leased out by the school and the students have access to four tennis courts.