St. Michael’s Primary School, Tallangatta

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Positive Behaviour Intervention Support is core to our philosophy in regards to student behaviour. At St. Michael's, we believe in teaching the students how to behave, rather than expecting them to just know what to do in a school environment. We have three school wide expectations: Be Safe, Be a Learner, Be Reponsible. These expectations underpin our teaching and learning in regards to behaviour.

St. Michael's runs the PBIS program on five distinct layers:

A. Schoolwide Expectations: St. Michael's has three schoolwide expectations that govern the teaching and behaviour of students. The students use these simple expectations to learn how they should behave in different areas of the school. The students have agreed on expected behaviours in different areas of the school. These are displayed as matrix grids in the relevant areas of the school as a visual reminder for expected behaviour.

B. Discipline Plan: St. Michael's has a 4-Step Discipline Plan for students who transgress the schoolwide expectations. The plan includes allowing students to monitor their own behaviour and the ability for students to self monitor behaviour.

C. Positive Rewards: St. Michael's has a multilayered approach to reward student behaviour:

1. Class dojo- Students are given points on a classwide reward program. Students have their own avitar on the program and generate points for modelling expected behavours.

2. Star Of The Week- Every week each teacher chooses a 'Star of the Week' from their class. The student and the reason for them receiving the award are included in the weekly newsletter. They also receive a certificate at Learning Release.

3. School Postcards- The school has postcards that are located in the office. Staff members are able to send home messages to parents regarding positive behaviour at school. Neither the students, nor parents, are notified that a postcard has been sent home.

4. Yard Token Award - For students who are caught doing the right thing during our time in the yard, they are given a token. This token is then used for a raffle - the winner takes home a lunch order. This is a very popular award enjoyed by our students.

Behaviour Tracking

St. Michael's uses SIMON to track student behaviour, positive and negative. Staff use this data on a monthly basis to inform future direction for behaviour lessons.

If you have any questions relating to PBIS or the PBIS program at St. Michael's please see the Principal to discuss them.